September 9, 2013

Small Changes

Small ChangesSmall Changes

I found this in women’s health magazine and its so true!

Change is good. Without it, we’d still be securing our ponytails with scrunchies. But it isn’t always
easy to break out of your comfort zone. Many women are reluctant to take beauty risks because they are afraid something will go horribly wrong. But the truth is “even the smallest tweak to your appearance can set off a positive domino effect—it can make you feel more attractive and more confident,” assures psychologist Gordon Patzer, Ph.D., founder of the Appearance Research Institute in Chicago.

That’s right—no Lady Gaga lashes or Housewives lips. Just simple, no-strings-attached suggestions that will help you wriggle free of stale beauty habits.

For the full article and tips you can read it at
WomansHealth magazine

But I want to know your tips, small changes you have tried, mistakes or experiments that have paid off! Share them with others and hopefully pick up a few good tips yourself. It’s always nice to try something a little out of our comfort zone an every day routine.

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