January 3, 2013

Tips for the best male massage!

Tips for the best male massage!Tips for the best male massage!

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My first article of the new year is about a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for quite sometime, from a question I am asked all the time….

Is there a difference between a male massage and female massage?

Well firstly, let’s ask the obvious question, is there a difference between the male and female body? The answer is of course, yes! As men and women we experience different aches, pains and concerns. As you would expect therefore,  these all have different requirements on how to be effectively treated.  The biggest difference in males is there muscle density it is often much firmer so the pressure is often required to be deeper, for the same effect. Massage in general however is down to personal preference and be it male massage or female massage the therapist should always ask what levels of pressure you require and if there are any areas of concern.

Male Massage Aches and Pains

The areas of concern are often different between male and females, males tend to feel pressure or muscle tension is areas effected by there life style, such as; their legs, calf’s and thighs as well as their arms and back. Males are often more likely to injure there muscle fibers through sport and exercise, injuries to the hamstrings and the groin are far more common in men because of this. Male or Female nonetheless, areas of trauma should be dealt with care and only by an experienced professional.

Training verses Experience

Alternative to Oils during a male massage is Talcum Powder

An alternative to Oils during a male massage is Talcum Powder.

During my training I was told that the majority of male clients often dislike the slippery oils during a massage mainly due to the way it feels on there body hair. It was suggested that talcum powder is a good alternative as it provides slip for movement but it is dry and easy to wipe clean. However in my experience I have found this is not entirely true and many of my male clients prefer the oils. And not only this but man as well as women enjoy the sensation of warm oil on there skin which additionally adds moisturisation to the skin long after the treatment. Many oils also give an added aroma that helps with relaxation. If you have any feedback on this subject please do share it with us, check out the poll below for my overall reader verdict.

What clothes do I take off?

Now we get to the nitty-gritty of the male massage, should I get undressed in front of the therapist and what clothes do I take off? I would hope any therapist would explain all this in detail to ensure your comfort but just in case here are a few basic tips…

Often the therapists will leave the room for you to get undressed and on the massage table there should be towels, you need to remove every item of clothing except your  underwear (i.e boxer-shorts) and get under one layer of towels if you are having a Swedish body massage, and then lay on your back facing the ceiling. You will be turned over half way through to finish on your back, the best bit if you ask me!

What if I get excited during the massage?

I know there are some worries for men during a massage such as; what if I fall asleep (yes, I have found this is more common in men than women)? what if I snore or what if I get an erection during the massage?  Please don’t worry if any of the above do happen, fully qualified beauty therapists are trained to be professional and understanding every scenario which might ‘pop up’ (forgive my pun), they will do their best to make you feel comfortable and eradicate any embarrassment which you may feel should this happen.

It is very common for people to fall asleep through various relaxation treatments and this can have effects particularly on the male body.  A professional male massage is not only beneficial to your body but also to your state of mind, which relates to stress and levels of relaxation. Doctors are now regularly recommending massage treatments to many of their patients. And it is growing ever more popular for males along with many other treatments directly aimed at males.

Men can fall asleep anywhere!

Men can fall asleep anywhere!

There are many types of massage the first choices to make is weather you would like a Swedish body massage, Aromatherapy massage or a Deep tissue massage. The Swedish is the main massage offered and has a deep level of pressure. Aromatherapy is all about relaxation and a Deep tissue is good to help with specific aces or pains. You then need to think about what areas you would like massaging from just the back to – back, neck and shoulders or finally your full body massages which includes arms, legs, stomach, back & neck.

Tips for Male Massages - OilsThe price of the various massages will vary depending on the areas and time you choose. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that paying more means it will be better. Massage is a skill and takes effort and experience from the therapist. Do your research first and look at reviews or ask around in person or online to see if anyone has any feed back on the salon or therapist.

You could also ask your partner to give it a go at home, here is a great oil which I recommend from The Body Shop

Leave your Male Massage horror stories below…

If you have had any bad, or particularly exceptional male massage stories please get in touch via our comments boxs below, we would like to hear from you!

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