May 28, 2013

Top Beauty Tips

Top Beauty TipsTop Beauty Tips


Industry secrets

  • How to remove nail polish without remover

If you find yourself in that annoying situation with chipped polish and no remover, apply a clear top coat to the nail and remove it promptly while it is still wet with a cotton disk. This should remove the coat of colour underneath, repeat the process if needed!

  • Treating Ingrowing hairs

Apply witch hazel to help reducing swelling and redness, then coax the Ingrowing hair with tweezers do not pull it out! Give it time to grow correctly or you will only make the hair re grow deeper. Use a product to reduce the swelling, Rose and lavender work wonders in calming skin-inflammation. And ensure you exfoliate the area regularly!

  • Gloopy Nail Polish

If your nail polish starts to go thick and gloopy just add a few drops of nail polish and mix well.

  • Double cleanse

You should always double cleanse for a deep cleanse ensuring you get to the surface layer of your skin and your not just removing the top layer of make up.

  • Clean Beauty Tools

A bad workmen always blames his tools lol

From your razor to make up brush after a couple of uses they become breeding grounds for bacteria, which can course brake-outs, eczema and many other skin conditions. So ensure you give them a regular clean. There is no need to go buying expensive brush cleaner, water and which hazel or even a little shampoo and conditioner will do the job.

  • Keep it current

Our skin craves different things depending on the time of the year, so keep up to the season. In winter add more moisturising creams and lip balms to your routine and in summer ensure you are using lots of SPF and body butter or after sun – Be careful when choosing your sun cream there are natural ones out there chemical-free sunscreen also reduce the irritating effects of prickly heat. Avoid anything with paraben in it!

  • Over plucked eye brows

Over done eyebrows are never a good look !

Over tweezed eye brows are very common, and leads to bald patches, you can buy protein-spiked brow gel to stimulate healthy hair growth and brow fillers such as the HiBrow compact to shade the problem area.

  • Waxing a pain ?

If you struggle to deal with the pain from waxing you can use a skin numbing cream about 30min before your booking it will temporally numb your skin making the process less painful

  • Products Products Products

There are some basic must have products out there ensure you have every product on this list. And use them don’t put them in a draw! You would be surprised how many people don’t have a good facial or body routine and even still use the dreaded unspoken word in the beauty industry….yes SOAP!!! Madness …. So ensure you have the following, I will also list the brand I use if your looking for any recommendations ?

Cleanser – Decleor
Toner – Decleor
Moisturiser – Decleor
Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser – Jane Airedale bb cream
Pressed or loose powder – Rimmel clear complexion powder
Mascara – Maybelline ( the colossal volum express )
Blusher – Rimmel lasting finish soft colour blush 050 live pink
Lip gloss – Natural collection from boots
Body scrub -Ted Baker bodywear
Body butter – Ted Baker bodywear
Shampoo – Herbal Essences
Conditioner – Herbal Essences
Body wash – Ted Baker bodywear
Hair Heat protection – Herbal Essences (beautiful ends protection cream)
Nail file – 240-180 grit file for natural nails
Nail polish top coat – OPI
Nail cuticle oil – Jessica phenomen oil
Hand cream – Sorry I use a professional one but Body Shop Hemp cream is fab !
Deodorant – sure roll on
Sun cream – Piz Buin

  • Facial brake-outs

With your facial skin more is not always better, If you have blemishes or a brake outs, give you face a break and use a product to cleanse and moisturize the dry areas, just stick to what you usually use but don’t start using 4 or 5 different products and changing everything in one go, hoping that they will do the trick! You will only stress out your skin and sebaceous glands unbalancing your oil levels and sending more oil to the surface to replace the oil that you have stripped away with all the different products, Its a vicious circle I’m afraid. So as long as you are in a good facial routine trust your products and stick with it! Don’t start reaching for anything you can find in the hope of a quick fix you will only prolong the brake out!

We all only find out the beauty secretes if we stop keeping them a secret and start sharing them so please if you have any beauty tips to share with us ….. Do tell ???

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