April 29, 2013

Tips To Growing Strong Healthy Nails

Tips To Growing Strong Healthy NailsTips To Growing Strong Healthy Nails

Top 15 tips to strong healthy nails

1) Stop biting and picking
2) Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning
3) Weekly manicures
4) Wear gloves in the cold weather
5) stay away from nail products containing formaldehyde
6) Apply sun cream to hands
7) Don’t forget to take your vitamins or supplements
8) Use a good cuticle oil
9) Moisturise your hands
10) Always keep a nail file with you to smooth away rough edges
11) Eat a well balanced diet – Protein rich food.
12) Always use a base and top coat
13) Nail strengtheners really do work
14) Clean off old polish
15) Do not use your nails as tools

     Nails are jewels not tools 

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