December 13, 2012

Tips for the perfect Spray Tan!

Tips for the perfect Spray Tan!Tips for the perfect Spray Tan!

spray tan virgins often have many questions before their first time, as many have heard nightmare story’s of uneven and patchy tans or the dreaded orange glow!  So my worried readers, as an industry expert, allow me to answer some of those questions and hopefully guide you in the right direction to get you that perfect sun kissed look!

Tips for the perfect spray tan!

by Kathryn Jayne Graham

Celebrity Spray Tans

Celebrity Spray Tans – Gone wrong!

One of the first questions I get asked is, which is the best spray tan solution? This question should more accurately be worded, “which is the best tanning solution for me?”.  As the main active ingredient in spay tan solutions is an organic chemical compound called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which reacts with acid on the skin. As we all have different acid levels on the surface of our skin for many reasons such as; age, ethnicity, skin colour, skin types and the level of sebum or sweat we each produce you can understand the difficultly manufacturers face. This is not to mention the levels of melanin in our skin, so the solution that gives your best friend or even your family member the perfect tan does not automatically mean that it will give you the same effect. Unfortunately the only way to find that out is through trial and error! Here is my guide to help you on this quest…

Which is the best spray tan solution for me?

Don’t worry by that I don’t mean go and get a full body spray tan and hope for the best, any reputable salon or therapist offering a spray tan service would be happy to do a patch test. You could have this done in an area out of sight, then leave this to develop and see if it gives you the coverage and colour you desire. Another factor to consider is the strength most salons stock 8% 10% and 12% some salons may have 14% I strongly suggest you start with an 8% or 10% then increase if desired.

One last detail to help to ensure you have chosen the correct solution is to ensure it is alcohol free as we all know alcohol is flammable and if you stand too close to a friend with a lit cigarette it could all end in a big boom!!! Okay, maybe not but on a serious note alcohol is very dehydrating for the skin so not only will it dry out your skin but it will shorten the life span of that much researched tan!

Will I smell of fake tan?

The next big question I frequently get asked is, will I smell of fake tan? Now this is at the forefront of all the big tanning company’s agenda, Investing many millions into research in order to create a totally odourless tan. The reason tanning solution has an odour is the chemical DHA reacts with the collagen in the skin creating the recognised odour. Scientists have tackled this by altering the size and shape of the molecules produced and they are then perceived differently by the nose, effectively reducing the odour. Company’s have started to advertise there tanning solutions as odour free and in return it have been replaced by a sent of choice. For example the company OMG has a tropical coconut solution or cherry bomb spray tan solution. This has dramatically reduced the sent of older tanning solutions, so to simply answer your question. No, you wont smell of a tanning solution but pick wisely your new tanning smell.OMG Tanning Products

My personal favourite tanning solution that covers all the above is Sienna X. It is a complete natural product that is alcohol free and odourless and I have found it has fantastic long lasting results! I will be doing a full list of top ten products later this month, watch out for this, in the meantime however please get in touch if you need further advice on tanning products or services.

Is there anything I can do to stop it from going patchy?

This is the follow up question, after choosing the correct spray tanning solution? The answer is simply yes!

Now its time to think about the prep – that is assuming you haven’t dashed out and applied your new found knowledge in spray tans before reading the rest of my article!  To prevent the solution from sticking to dry skin or settling in open pores please ensure that the day before you shave any areas you may wish too as shaving on the day of the spray tan will allow the tan to settle in the open pores and give you that undesired spotty effect.  After shaving ensure you fully scrub your body concentrating on areas of dry skin such as heels and elbows then moisturise thoroughly. Repeat the scrubbing and moisturising process on the day of your tan.

Don’t shave the day before your spray tan!

A further question asked is should I avoided any products on the day? Unless you want to look a lovely shade of green I would say stay away from deodorant or heavily perfumed products. As yes it actually does turn the solution a lovely bright green colour!

It’s now time to put your new found knowledge into action and take the first steps into the spray tan booth knowing you have done exactly what you needed to ensure that perfect sun kissed look.


So you now have that perfect look, the question is how do you keep it?

Firstly don’t worry if you look down and think you look hairy. Yes I did say hairy, it’s the first comment most newbie’s make after there first time. It’s only because the excess solution has settled on the downy hair that covers the body and it will just dry. The colour you now see is not your end result but a guide colour used for the therapist so they can see the tan is covered evenly the end result will be shown the day after – don’t panic!  When you wash the guide colour off your new tan will reveal itself. So obviously, my recommendation is to have a spray tan a day or two before any special event.

My last and final tip:

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

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