Reflexology Huddersfield

Reflexology HuddersfieldReflexology Huddersfield

Reflexology Huddersfield

Reflexology is a tradition that works using pressure points on the hands and feet. The treatment stimulates points on the feet that mirror areas in the body. This specific non invasive massage creates a feeling of balance and relaxation.

Reflexology Huddersfield

Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of the body and was used by the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and the Egyptians. it work’s on the feet to promote good health by the principle that there are energy zones in the feet that correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts.

Reflexology Huddersfield Treatment Prices:

1/2 hour £20.00

1 hour £30.00 



Reflexology reduces stress and induces deep relaxation.

Benefits of reflexology

  • Improves circulation 
  • Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
  • Balances the whole system
  • Revitalizes energy
  • Preventive health care

There are 10 energy zones that run the length of the body from head to toe – five on each side of the body ending in each foot. working on the pressure points of these zones you can clear blockage running the length of the body.


Using this technique you can work to help many common conditions.

During a typical reflexology session the reflexologist will take a detailed medical history. You would be sat in a comfortable chair or laid on a couch. You will be asked to remove footwear and socks, the practitioner will then make a visual and tactile examination of the feet before beginning the the reflexology massage movements. The particular types of movements involved require the application of an appropriate pressure using the thumb and fingers.

For some, symptoms may worsen before they improve.This is called the ‘healing crisis’.It indicates that the body is beginning to eliminate toxins and starting to heal itself.

After Care Advice

  • Drink lots of water as this will help hydrate the body, flush out toxins and improve energy levels.
  • Try to rest for the rest of the day as this will help the treatment work to it’s full potential and will allow your body to focus on healing.
  • Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol as these are stimulants and will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Eat a light and healthy diet to allow your body to put its energy into healing.



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