Minx and Trendy Nails

Minx and Trendy NailsMinx and Trendy Nails

Minx & Trendy Nail Wraps are the latest trends being sported by celebrities such as Beyonce, Christina Aguillera and Rhianna. And now Sanctum Beauty brings them to the glamorous world of Huddersfield!

What are Minx & Trendy Nail Foils?

Foils are an overlay that is applied to either a natural finger or toe nail or even a gel or acrylic nail extension. The foil is placed on the nail and then an infrared heat is applied. The heat bonds the overlay securely in place and keeps it there. It’s like a semi permanent nail polish, but in a hard wearing bonded foil.

For the very best results we recommend that they are applied alongside either a pedicure or manicure. This ensures that your nails are in perfect condition before the overlay is applied. People will look and notice your nails, so it’s important that your hands and feet look their very best and really show off your overlays. You can have them without a pedicure or manicure but the results may not be as good.

How long do they last?

It all depends on the wearer, but If they are looked after then its possible to get them to last a couple of weeks. They can be easilly removed with a little heat when the wearer feels they have come to the end of their use.

Do they come in different designs?

Yes, there are many different designs available. We carry a few designs already, but if we dont have the design you are specifically looking for then please give us a call. We can usually get any available designs within just a few days.

How much do they cost?

  • Full set of foils for the Fingers £20.00
  • Full set of foils for the Fingers if added to a manicure £10.00
  • Full set of foils for the Toes £20.00
  • Full set of foils for the Toes if added to a pedicure £10.00

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  • overlay5

    Melisa - June 22, 2013

    Had these done on my toes, they looked fab. Defiantly wanting these done again now we have some sunshine look great with Sandals xx


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