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Male ClinicMale Clinic

Men are often over looked when it comes to looking and feeling their best. We offer a range of treatments that are individually tailored to meet your needs, from male waxing, removing unwanted hair, to relaxing massages and facials. Most of these treatments follow the same patterns as those for the ladies, except using products and techniques designed for male skin types,

The great thing is if you don’t feel completely comfortable visiting a salon we can provide all these treatments from the comfort of your own home.

Sports Massage 

  • 30min deep tissue back massage £30.00
  • 60min deep tissue full body massage just £40.00

sports massage page 

Male Waxing & Hair Removal Clinic.

  • Back Waxing. £18.00 
  • Chest Waxing. £18.00
  • Back and Chest Waxing Together. £26.00
  • Half Arm Waxing. £8.00
  • Full Arm Waxing. £12.00
  • Chest and Full Arm Waxing. £24.00
  • Back and Full Arm Waxing. £24.00
  • Chest, Back and Full Arm Waxing. £35.00
  • Eyebrow Waxing. £8.00

For the Face.

  • Eyebrow Tinting. (Hides the odd grey one!) £8.00
  • 30 Minute Male Facial. £20.00
  • 60 Minute Male Facial. £30.00

Hands and Feet.

  • Male File and Clean. £9.00
  • Male Manicure (no polish). £15.00
  • Male pedicure (no polish). £15.00

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    Paul - June 19, 2013

    Hi Kat

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the back wax. it was my first time having this done and it was not as scary as I thought, which was all down to you. If this is something you are considering, I would deffinatly recommend Sanctum beauty.



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