Eyes & Hollywood Lashes

Eyes & Hollywood LashesEyes & Hollywood Lashes

Make your eyes sparkle and catch the attention of everyone who looks! We offer a range of treatments that will enhance your eyes and make you look and feel beautiful.

Strip Lash Extensions

  • Designed for a single nights wear, we offer a range of styles to choose from. These lashes are not permanent and will be removed along with make-up. £10.00

Volume Minx Lashes 2D 3d 4d 5d 6d £48.00

“Volume” lashes are a NEW technique that entered the North American lash industry in 2013.

Volume lashes (aka Russian Volume) was, in fact, developed by  master lash artists in Russia and Ukraine some say 3-5 years ago!

It is clear, our lash industry will never be the same! VOLUME is here to stay!

What makes volume different from classic?

With classic 1:1 eyelash extensions we can achieve amazing looks. We have always been limited by the amount of natural lashes a client has as well as the different amount of lashes on each eye. This pushes us to lash to the weakest eye to maintain symmetry. For years our clients have wanted….”MORE”.  Our only options were longer and thicker diameters, which became problematic when our client’s natural lashes could not safely support these extensions.

Volume technique has become the answer!

Volume techniques allow us to apply multiple extensions to ONE isolated natural lash. The “Russian Volume” technique masterfully achieves this with far thinner lashes than we have typically used. The result? A full, lush lash line that appears fluffy and soft and maintains the health and safety of our client’s natural lashes.

Some commonly used terms for Volume application:

2D- 2 lashes per one natural lash

3D- 3 lashes per one natural lash

4D- 4 lashes per one natural lash

5D- 5 lashes per one natural lash

6D- 6 lashes per one natural lash


party lashes

  • Designed for a few days wear, for a more natural look than a strip. These lashes are not semi- permanent. £25.00


Hollywood Lashes (Semi-Permanent)

  • A single extended lash is adhered to each natural lash and takes a little time and great deal of skill to apply. The result is a natural fuller look that is semi permanent, so with care they last till the end of your lashes natural cycle. These are great for holidays or weddings as they provide a natural full look with no need for any mascara so no black eyes from crying at them special moments or diving in and out the holiday pool!


Natural lashes Lift, volume and length,

Eye Lash Perming *

  • Give your eye lashes a natural curly look that will last until your eye lashes grow out. £27.00

Eye Lash Tinting *

  • Give your lashes a permanent colour that requires no mascara to maintain. £12.00

Eye Brow Shaping

  • Style your eyebrows by having them reshaped. Any number of styles can be achieved with the use of Wax and Tweezers. This is a semi permanent treatment and will last until the hair naturally grows back. £8.00

Eye Brow Tinting *

  • Emphasise or colour match your eyebrows to really make them stand out. £8.00

* Requires a 24hour Patch Test before application.

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  • overlay5

    Rosie - July 12, 2013

    Just had Hollywood Lashes done for the first time, hunted around as some places are charging quite a lot, but I wasreally happy to have found they were only £40 at Sanctum beauty – bargain! The lashes look fantastic, they look very natural and are very light weight. A brilliant way to enhance natural lashes. The service was brilliant too, very relaxed throughout the treatment, and very friendly and welcoming. Would recommend!


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