Body Treatments and Massage

Body Treatments and MassageBody Treatments and Massage

Remove the stresses and strains of everyday life by giving your hard working body a little tender loving care. We offer a range of massages that are individually tailored to your bodies needs.

A massage increases blood circulation, releases muscle tension and has a wide range of beneficial effects. Whether for absolute relaxation or just daily stress relief a massage is great way of giving your whole body a much needed lift

We offer two types of massage aroma massage or Swedish massage, Swedish is a deep pressure massage used to re-leave aces and pains in muscle tissue, concentrating on areas of tension and knots. Aroma massage is a much lighter more relaxing pressure with flowing movements across the body.

30 Minute Back Massage

  • Your back and your spine supports your entire body and responds well to a deep massage. £20.00

45 Minute Back Neck and Shoulder Massage

  • As well as giving your back a much needed pampering, this treatment also relaxes and releases tension in your neck and shoulders, this is the area most of us carry a lot of tension. £25.00

60 Minute Full body Massage

  • This includes back, neck and shoulders as featured above. But then also covers the arms, legs, and abdomen. £35.00

75 Minute Delux Massage

  • This includes everything in the full body massage with an additional face and head massage. This is an intense massage that leaves people feeling deeply relaxed. £40.00

Full Body Massage and Full Body Exfoliation

  • This includes everything shown in the full body massage but before we start we exfoliate! Your body is scrubbed from head to toe to removes dead skin cells, dirt and grime, you are then rubbed down with hot mitts to remove the scrub and a full body moisturiser is applied. The result is silky smooth skin combined with a perfectly relaxed body.£40.00

Aromatherapy essential oil massages

  • Every massage we offer can be given with the addition of aromatherapy essential oils. These different oils have many different purposes and are used to promote everything from relaxation and up-lift to a sense of well being. For an aromatherapy massage please add £5 to the cost of each massage.

Hot Stone Massages

  • A hot stones massage is the perfect way to remove aches, pains and the stresses of life. It’s a unique experience that combines the dual benefits of heat and therapeutic oils. The lava stones are silky smooth and the heat and pressure is transferred deep into the body tissues. The result is a massage that is guaranteed to promote deep relaxation and yet stimulate your senses. If you only ever have one massage, then it should be a Sanctum Hot Stone! For a Hot Stones Massage, please add £5 to the cost of each massage.

Monu mama massage ritual

Indulge in this relaxing ritual massage which will help relieve any muscle aches and pains and water retention, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and ready to discover the first perk of motherhood.

A great way to calm and connect with your baby (during 2-3 trimesters) £35.00

Check out my page on the Health Benefits of Body Massage


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    marion latieno - July 2, 2013

    am a student studying beauty therapy i would love to learn more about body massage technics


    • overlay5

      Kathryn - July 8, 2013

      Hi I would be more than happy to help :-) are you learning massage ? X


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    siti sheikh - March 19, 2014


    I would like to inquire if you have a massage package for a pregnant.

    Awaiting. Thanks


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    Heather Whitehead - June 23, 2014

    Hi I’m looking to have a back, neck and shoulder massage before I go on my holidays in two weeks time, my only problem is that I have arthritis at the base of my spine an also have five operations on my spine, therefore I’d ideally like to either be on ground level on not have many steps to climb, kind regards Heather.


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