Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi Ear CandlesHopi Ear Candles



This treatment is completely painless and helps to rebalance the ear by drawing out impurities. It is a relaxing, soothing and natural alternative to syringing. This treatment is excellent for anyone who suffers from sinusitis, headaches, migraines, head colds, glue ear, hay fever or excessive earwax.

If you have sore, blocked ears, tonsils or sinuses this treatment has amazing results. It’s also very relaxing and good for detoxing and a sense of well being. Pressure point and drainage Facial massage is also included within the treatment.

Hopi Ear Candles can help.
Build up of wax
Tinnitus (noises in the ear)
Headaches and migraines
Post flu where ears, nose and throat remain affected
Pain when flying (where ears are painful at altitude)
Participates of regular swimming or diving

What is Hopi Ear Candling?

It is an holistic treatment

Ear candling, sometimes called Thermal-aricular Therapy or Ear Coning involves the use of a flax tube impregnated with beeswax, honey and often essential oils, referred to as a candle.

The ear candle (flax tube) is painlessly inserted into the outer ear canal whilst the fully clothed client lays comfortably on their side, with their head supported by a pillow. The ear candle is then lit (at the opposite end) and very gently turned to create a seal.

The candle then creates a pleasant crackling sound and a comfortable warm feeling in the outer ear canal. After about 15 minutes the ear candle is carefully and safely removed and extinguished in a bowl of water. The process is then repeated on the other ear, after extinguishing, the beeswax residue left in the candle is examined


This is followed by a period of relaxation, and pressure point facial massage concentrating on the sinus areas.

This treatment is not only good for your sense of well being it is very relaxing

20min candles £15

40min candles and facial drainage massage



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