June 23, 2013

Holiday Check List

Holiday Check ListHoliday Check List

Ye ye we all know the basics we need to take on holiday passport, clothes, too many pairs of shoes and 4 bikinis but don’t over look your beauty needs and them beauty must preparations.

Your Pre holiday beauty check list!

Eyebrows shaped.

Waxing done (bikini, underarms, legs) or pack your razor!

Waxing Treatments 

Nails done hands and feet! Gels are great for a long lasting result if not take some remover or try the minx toes fab look for holidays.

Gel Nails  Minx’s Nails  Holiday Manicure

Body scrubbed and moisturised so as to prep for a good tanning result.

Dry heels sorted ! ( no one wants to see this in your sandals ) See my blog post for help with this or book in an overdue pedicure.

6 steps to clear cracked and dry heels 

Eye lash tint and perm always a good trick to avoid mascara through the day or why not try the semi-permanent lashes no need for mascara even in the evenings!

Holiday eye treatments 

Daily Facial products decanted into smaller bottles save the weight for shoes. ( do not stop your daily facial routine )

Buy small shampoo and conditioner bottles ( herbal essences do a mini bottle perfect size)

Clean out that make up bag, only take what you need we all have unnecessary items we won’t use on holiday.

Invest in some good quality sun cream and after sun, your going to be covering your body in it for a week or two ensure its the best!

Ensure your facial moisturiser has a SPF factor in it.


Now the packing list of beauty holiday essentials you can’t go without!


Sun cream
After sun
Tan optimiser
Eye make up remover
Pressed powder
Body wash
Nail polish + remover + file
Toothpaste + brush
Hair brush or comb
Clips or hair bobble
Cotton disks
Hair dryer + straighteners
Hair spray
Razor (if you don’t wax)


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