February 5, 2013

Perfect Valentines Day!

Perfect Valentines Day!Perfect Valentines Day!

Good morning today I am going to be talking about that lovely day in February that we either love or hate depending on our love life and its status. It is of course valentines day, but hey if your Facebook status still says single it is a fantastic opportunity to let that someone that caught your eye know

But if you are lucky enough to have that special someone in your life then I hope you make it a good one. Yes I know it’s commercialised and gets us spending more money! But hey if we are going to spend it anyway I think spending it on the one person closest to us and that person at times we often over look, is not a bad way to spend it

So we all know the usual’s, chocolates, flowers, and champagne but let’s see if we can put them together with some more creative ideas to make it extra special this year, here are my top 10 ideas.

1)    An evening of real effort

A simple but always effective idea that can be customized to your budget, is cooking a meal. With some extra special touches of course maybe try and think of a memorable meal you had together and recreate it. Ensure you set the table up with love….. Candles, napkins, table cloth and so on, add your personal touches, perhaps some of their favourite music on in the back ground. If your partner is not home when you are setting all this up, surprise them when they walk through the door with some flowers or a glass of wine, cup of tea whatever they fancy? You could even run them a candle lit bath while they wait, then get them to sit back put their feet up and relax while you prepare the food. Don’t let the evening fall flat after dinner why not take your pudding into the room, set up a little cushioned area lay out some candles, go all out and through around some rose petals. Sit down together and chat or put on a movie and snuggle up.  This would also be great time to exchange cards or any gifts you may wish to give.

2)    Indoor Picnic

We all love picnics right? And it far too cold to have one outside so set one up in your living room, find a nice blanket set up a wicker basket serve champagne and strawberries and all your usual favourite nibbles. Why not leave a little surprise gift or card in the picnic basket for your partner to find.

3)    Crazy Public Display of Affection

If you really want to shock and surprise your partner do something wild and crazy book to take them bungee jumping. You can do an indoor bungee jump at the Abyss at Magna in Sheffield and as you jump they take your picture why not write a sign telling your partner you love them and hold it on the way down! I am guessing that will be a picture they won’t forget in a hurry. It might a good idea to follow the jump up with a nice lunch though.


4)    From the start

Start the day of for your loved one with a smile that can only be created when you bring them breakfast in bed and a single red rose with a ribbon wrapped round it and a small rolled up note tied in the ribbon, don’t worry you don’t need to be a poet a simple ‘’you mean everything to me’’ would do the job.  Why not when they wake up have them find single red roses  around the house each one numbered with the years or months you have been together finally then present them with a bouquet that reads something along the lines of …….These once are on a promise of all the happy times ahead of us.


5)    Get your evening of to a good start!

Send your partner a text simple but blunt! ‘’On your bed is a package! Open it x’’ on the bed leave a glamorous outfit, if you can stretch the pennies out try go for the full monty, underwear, shoes and accessories ( these do not have to be ridiculously expensive items, you could still create this evening with your basic high-street clothing) the challenge in this one is getting it right lol! Alongside the package leave a note for example …… your transport will be with you by 8pm.  Do ensure they have time to get ready! Book a taxi for them to the restaurant where you will be waiting outside all dressed up to escort them to their awaiting table. One final touch, have a card and drink on the table for them on arrival.

6)    For Him

Now we all know some men are not the most romantic and for them the gesture of love letters and flowers would just not work so how do you distract them from an evening of football or stamp collecting? The answer is, lingerie, the rest is in the details. Why not be a little cheeky and perhaps try greeting them with their gift already unwrapped?


7)    A great personalised gift without breaking the bank!

A personalised gift idea is to design a basic picture in Microsoft Word with the date and co-ordinates of somewhere special to you both, the place and date you met? Got married? Engaged? You could also add an image of something they like and then frame it!

8)    Playful

Now we are all still young at heart right? So what’s wrong with been a little silly at times let’s play a game. A treasure hunt! Take a pack of love heart sweets put the individual sweets in a small Resealable clear bag. Now put together your map of clues the destination points could be in and outside the house, but try keep them in a sensible order, don’t have them head mile down the road then another back at the home try create a set route. The clues would be to a memorable place for you both. For example, If you walk the dog together on a set route you could put ‘’the pathway we take when Bruno leads, hidden there beneath the trees ’’ then at this destination leave the clear bag with the sweet in and the next clue, to your next point! And so on, it’s a nice way to revisit all your special places together. At the last point you could give them their valentine’s gift. Don’t leave it alone outside though lol.

love hearts

9)    Creative words

Now if you think you could be somewhat of a poet, why not give it a go, the old romance of a heart felt poem or love letter will last forever. Just don’t start it with roses are red.

10)    Sanctums valentines packages

Or why not treat them to some luxury treatments in the comfort of their own home for some package treatments, including facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and so much more why not check out our valentine packages.

Sanctum Beauty Gift Vouchure

We would love to hear some off your past valentines day experiences or any plans you may be concocting for that special person in your life.

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