January 9, 2013

Find Out Your Skin Type!

Find Out Your Skin Type!Find Out Your Skin Type!

Do you often do you get asked, what skin type are you? Or what product do you use for your skin? What is your daily routine? And if you are truly honest, you are never really sure of the accurate answer?  Don’t worry this is very common, often our skin conditions are so slight so unless you know what you are looking for its easy to misjudge, until now that is!

What facial skin type are you?

Hopefully with this quick and simple check list you will not only know what skin type you are but what products are best for you, I will also recommend a few of my favorites along the way.

To start with it will help you to know that there are five different skin types these are:

5 different skin types

  • Sensitive
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Normal

Let’s start with sensitive for one very important reason…

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can accompany any of the other four skin types and if sensitivity is present the skin would have the following conditions.

  •  Prone to irritation
  •  Burn easily in the sun
  •  Erythema this is reddening of the skin, and broken capillaries this occurs mainly on the cheeks.
  •  Sensitivity to touch or heat
  •  Allergic reaction often to products

If this sounds like your skin regardless to what other skin conditions you may have such as dry patches or oily T zone, you should only use a sensitive range of products. If possible use all natural products or products labelled as hypoallergenic.
temple spa 1
A big favourite of mine and the one I would recommend everyone to try for sensitive skin is the Temple spa sensitive range. Their sensitive range all start with ‘Be in the title, their cleanser is called Be Gone and their moisturiser is called Be Still. My sister always uses this range as she has eczema and has incredibly sensitive skin, not only does it care for her skin but it actually soothes her irritation and redness! It also uses all natural products. With that said however this is not the cheapest product on the market at an RRP of around £18 for 150ml cleanser and around £33 for 50ml moisturiser, but I would definitely say try it and see if the cost is worth it for you?

Now let’s move on and have a look at dry skin..

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin it is because the skin tissue is lacking hydration (i.e H2O), it is also associated with mature skin or using products that are too harsh for the skin as this may also cause the skin to dry out. The conditions you would experience as a result would be:

  • Broken capillaries – these would show up as red criss-cross lines on the surface of the skin
  • Your skin would feel dry and very tight
  • You may see a non-greasy tight shine in severe cases
  • Dry, flaky patches
  • Milia these are small white dots often found under the eyes.

If you have signs of dry skin there are a few tips that could help…

  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
  • Avoid too much exposure to air-conditioners or central heating systems as this can really dry your skin out!

Dry skin could also be related to medication or ill health if this is the case it should return to normal after recovery. The products I would recommend for dry skin would be the duel act cleanser by Temple Spa, I use this product and you can use it on a cotton disk or wet in the shower as a wash, I love it!
loreal cut

Conversely, I would not recommend their mosituriser for dry skin unless it is very very dry as I found it too rich for my skin I personally use their ‘Be Still‘ moisturiser from the sensitive range. A good one for just dry skin would be the Loreal Triple Active Day Moisturiser it provides good moisturiation and at a low cost, it’s around £8 and has a UV filter to protect the skin throughout the day. A night cream would also be a good option to help fight dry skin.

You may not like having oily skin now but that oil does help prolong youthful skin.

Oily skin

This skin type is most common in teenage years this skin type has over active sebaceous glands. The common characteristics that you would see on the skin are:

  • Open pores these would look like very small holes in the skin
  • Papules also known as red spots
  • Pustules also known as pustular spots or white heads that you squeeze lol
  • Comedones also known as blackheads
  • A greasy shine to the skin
  • A build up of dead skin cells making the skin appear coarse in texture

Ifimages you have this skin condition you will find that your foundation struggles to stay on all day and often comes of in very annoying patches. And, you may often have oily patches on your forehead and nose also known as your T zone this can occur around the chin as well. You may also have problems with acne prone skin.

A line of products I would NOT recommend is Clearasil, if you are using this please stop now!! Go and throw the bottle in the bin immediately. You will never improve your skin condition using this in fact you will most likely make your skin condition worse, I repeat myself PLEASE DO NOT USE these products!clearsil

The reason for oily skin is the sebaceous glands are producing too much oil but if you use a very harsh chemical in order to remove this, you are drying out the surface of the skin and basically telling your body it has to produce more oil and this sends your sebaceous glands into over drive so underneath the heavy chemical of Clearasil and the horrible effects the alcohol will have on your skin your actually making the condition worse and creating a vicious circle and the second you stop using it you are going to have an even bigger problem to deal with.

body shop

There are many products out there for oily skin that use more natural products and do not contain alcohol, try something with Tea Tree. Body Shop have a fantastic range at a very competitive price with the range starting from just £3. Their skin clearing lotion is just £5 and their Tea Tree facial wash is only £4, you can also pick up their exfoliating pads for an amazing £4, the list goes on with this range so please go check it out and let me know what you found…

Next up is the most common skin type of all five…

Combination Skin

This is a combination of two skin types hence the name, typically this would consist of an oily T zone and chin and the cheeks and neck area would be dry, but any mixture of the two different skin types would make your skin a combination. Even if you experience them on different occasions, for example, some days you find your skin very dry then suddenly you are braking out in oily patches and spots. I would agree, you need to deal with a combination of conditions an use products designed for tackling this.

This is a difficult skin type to manage despite being the most common. As I see it, you have two options and that is to treat each area with the correct product, oily skin products for your T zone and dry/sensitive for the cheeks – simple. However, for your everyday routine at home this is unrealistic being time consuming and faffy not to mention costly.  So, although in a salon or spa they may do this, at home I would recommend you use a combination skin type product.baes0955f_1_l

There are thousands of these products out there for you to choose from, again being the most common type you would expect this, I have to say, I’ve not tried every product out there so naturally my recommendations in this area are far from extensive, having said that however I found a product which meets my needs perfectly. I am a massive fan of bareMinerals and I have found that they are currently doing a daily skin renewing trio combination skin kit for around £11.00 this would be a great way to try a new range out!  Please leave me a comment with any products you personally recommend, I’ll happily do a review on this and compare it to what I current us and recommend.

Finally, the least most common skin condition, despite the misleading name…

Normal Skin

This skin condition is quite rare and it is only possible on young skin, under the age of 25, I know at 25 you may not feel ready to have mature skin yet, but to put it bluntly in skin years you do – to put it into perspective your skin has wealth the conditions of everyday life for over 9,000 days.

If by my gauge above you do not have ‘young skin’ you would treat your skin with mature products to help prevent unwanted fine lines from developing, well, as much as we can prevent them with various creams.

The reason normal skin is so hard to find is because in simple terms there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is pretty perfect already all you need to do is maintain it. You would have:

  • Good skin tone and texture
  • All over even skin colour

If you are one of them lucky people to have this skin type my advice would be to not mess around with it whatever you are doing is clearly working for you. And until this does changes my only advice would be to use something gentle a Nivea product or something with an SPF factor in to just protect it from the sun.

One last final tip…

When you are looking for the right products you should always have an SPF factor in at least one of your products to protect the skin from the sun and help keep your skin looking youthful even if you have reached that mature age of 25(!) and over – ha! But do check your foundations as many now include an SPF factor anyway.

Please leave your comments, ideas, thoughts, troubles in a comment below. I’m always happy to help and will try out so of the products you personally recommend and give you my honest, professional feedback!  Stay tuned for more blog posts in the coming days.

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