January 17, 2013

My Book Recomendations

My Book RecomendationsMy Book Recomendations

Something a little off topic today. If you have seen some of my earlier posts you’ll have probably seen a trend relating to treatments I carry out as part of my profession – Beauty Therapy.  Today however I thought I’d share something which I personally find relaxing, comforting, peaceful and wonderfully enjoyable… I am sure most of you would not even consider this under the heading of “beauty therapy” – that is reading! I am therefore going to share a few of my personal favourites and as well as a few of my thought’s on the popular titles flying off the shelves at the moment.

Please submit a comment below with your own personal favourites, I’m nearly at the end of my current book so a good recommendation would be appreciated :-)

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades Darker

50 Shades Freed

by E.L.James

I have to be honest when I first heard about the 50 shades I was a little confused by people’s description of a sex crazed, domineering control freak with a damaged childhood that took advantage of a reserved and insecure, young women when she was clearly besotted by him, but yet they wanted a man like this? Eh? Confused evolved into intrigue…

an erotic struggle to balance, domineering sex and love making

Fifty Shades - TrilogyWith all the talk and publicity surrounding these books I decided to see what it was all about and I am glad I did!  As soon as I started to read it I realised this was not the underlying meaning to the story. This fascinating trilogy of books is about an erotic struggle to balance domineering sex and love making with the day to day struggles of a new relationship as well as the inexperienced feelings of love.  Now this may not sound too difficult to comprehend but considering that the man in question is from a troubled childhood with an extensive, unconventional sexual history who is now incredibly rich and powerful. Meeting a young women who is very attractive but has little self confidence and no sexual history, but knows exactly what she wants and likes in life!  The story quickly unfolds and the characters of the book are quickly revealed including their families and close friends. What is evident from the beginning  is that although their feeling are unusually displayed they are both besotted with each other and this is a totally new experience for them both, so they continue to struggle trying to learn that balance while their life’s are played out in the spot light.  I very much enjoyed the turmoil  of the story and the side stories and journeys within the books, I will not go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil this fantastic trilogy of books – case you haven’t already read them. Definitely worth a read!

Bared to You

by Sylvia Day

Bare to You

Bared to you is a story about a young woman new to a big city, Miss Eva Tramell a twenty four year old who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She is drawn to a young billionaire called Gideon Cross as soon as she meets him in her new place of work. It is later revealed that Gideon is also a survivor of sexual abuse. The two struggle in order to move on from their pasts and establish a healthy, romantic relationship. The book is full of lust and need for their new found partners. This is the start of a trilogy so there is much more to come but I am enjoying it so far and look forward to the full story.

What are your first thoughts on this one?

A Stolen Life

by Jaycee Lee Dugard

This is one of the most touching, heart A Stolen Life - Jaycee Lee Dugardwrenching yet unbelievable true stories I have ever read. It was a gift to me from my sister for a holiday and I did not put it down!  It is an incredible story about hope and survival that started on the 10th June 1991 when an eleven year old girl called Jaycee Lee Dugard was abducted from California. She was held captive for over 18 years until she was found on the 26th August 2009.

During her captivity she experienced horrific abuse, including been locked in a building at the bottom of a garden and handcuffed with no clothes or food. At the young age of fourteen and seventeen, she gave birth to two daughters, both fathered by her abductor. Within the book Jaycee opens up about what she experienced, including how she feels now and the struggle to re-build her life after eighteen years in captivity.  Her abductor and his wife have since pleaded guilty.  The hope and determination to survive expressed in the book is phenomenal and the person she is today is remarkable, a must read. My admiration and up most respect goes out to Jaycee.

No One Wants You

by Celine Roberts

This book is not for the faint-hearted,No One Wants You - Celine Roberts a true life story of a young girl forced into prostitution at the young age of just 7 and how her life then unfolded, this book is a sad but honest and compelling story of a woman’s triumph over her brutal past.

This book emotionally touched me and after reading it I found myself researching Celine Roberts, the life she was subject too at the failure of not only society but her parents and the people that are meant to care and protect young children, is just unbelievable.

Her journey throughout life is remarkable and the things she achieves with the start she was given is very impressive, this is a beautifully written book by a beautiful lady, that has most defiantly had ups and downs in her life.

 Be prepared to cry at this one…


The Family Friend: Sometimes the danger is closer than you think

by Matt Lowe

Another true story but this time a young boy called Matt LoweThe Family friend sometimes the danger is closer than you think he was  part of a large and loving family. Yet,unnoticed by his family, teachers or friends, he was being abused by a young man who had been welcomed as a family friend. The family friend would organise outings and weekends together. But from the start the relationship had a sinister side one that Matt instinctively knew must remain hidden. This story is an unusually insightful upsetting story of how one small boy endured years of sexual and psychological abuse. This book is also heart-wrenching and written with honesty, not a cheerful read understandably, but not without optimism either.

I would only recommend this book to people who already like to read true stories. I did manage to read this book, even though at times there where bits i did not want to. Unlike another true story I started called Nobody Came its an appalling true story of brothers cruelly abused in a Jersey care home. I only got to page 115 out of 313 and I had to put it down. I found myself not wanting to turn the pages, I did then look at the reviews of this book and the comments people had been sending the boys well now men, over the years and they are very touching and caring, with their  bravery in life been applauded.  The readers talk about how glad they are they finished the book, so i am going to try pick it up again, and will get back to you! There is also a Facebook page set up for the book with some pictures from the news reports.

Nobody Came Facebook Page

Nobody Came

Bridget Jones’s Diary

by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones DiaryOn a much lighter note an easy read with lots of humor, Bridget keeps a diary about her obsession with her love life, but also details her various daily struggles with her weight, her over indulgence for alcohol and cigarettes and her ever changing career.

Wait a minute… nice boys don’t kiss like that.

This is a very funny carefree read, I am sure many of you have seen the film, but if you enjoyed to film then this book is worth reading as you can experience the actual diary keeping process through the book.  A fab holiday or sun bating read as you can pick it up and down and easily slip back into the story, so you can read along easily even with distractions like getting splashed by the kids in the pool or popping to the bar!

A Kestrel for a Knave

By Barry Hines

This is A Kestrel for a Knavean old favorite of mine, as long as you can manage reading with an old school British slang, but for me this really helps take you back to the 60s this book is all about a troubled teenager called Billy growing up in the small Yorkshire mining town of Barnsley. Treated as a failure at school, and unhappy at home, Billy discovers a new passion in life when he finds Kes, a kestrel hawk. This is an inspiring story of a young boys focus on something and a beautiful relationship is formed. The book has also been made into an enjoyable film.

A Kestrel for a Knave - Quotes

The above books are just a few I have enjoyed over the years, I often pick my books through recommendations as I know many people do.  I’d love to hear from you about your favorites or any that stand out for you. Kat x

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    Mel - January 19, 2013

    Agree, I wasn’t sure about the 50 shades trilogy but after all the hype about them I thought I would give them a go. I surprised my self by how much I enjoyed them. Totally addicted to them, couldn’t put them down. Couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next.

    I have also read a stolen life, very sad story, upsetting to read but again couldn’t put it down wanting to find out how she escaped and rebuilt her life. Amazing women to come through what she went through.

    If you are wanting a good read, I really enjoyed the Hunger games trilogy. A great fiction, very imaginative. Set in the future it is a story of a teenage girl who takes the place of her younger sister in the annual hunger games. Which is a battle to the death of 24 tributes from 12 districts. I wasn’t sure if I would like this sounded a bit violent for me, but it is one of the best works of fiction that I have read.


  • overlay5

    Matt - January 21, 2013

    I only read the first ’50 Shades’ but I did find it quite light reading and I found it was enjoyable and far for the dark tail which everyone was shouting about – perhaps this is more apparent in the second book and onwards? I guess not from what you are saying above.

    I’ve never really read any “true stories” as such mainly Biographies, always selling the best qualities rather than any eye opening tales of abuse or terrible up bringing – I’m unlikely to ever do so either, a little too much for me!

    Always nice to read other ‘non professional’ views on the latest books – these ‘unbiased’ reviews are usually slanted towards the advertising guru who is paying them to write it.

    Keep it up Kat


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