March 18, 2013

Health Benefits of Swedish Massage

Health Benefits of Swedish MassageHealth Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a deep pressure massage used to re-leave aces and pains in muscle tissue, the therapist will concentrate on areas of tension and knots.

We all suffer from knots in our muscles at some point, often caused by our lifestyle factors. For example bending over at a computer desk for a long period of time or repeatedly. Muscle knots are caused my inflammation in the muscle from abnormal build up of protein after a release of lactic acid. This sends the muscle into spasm the knots occur when our muscle remains flexed and refuses to relax, this can cause discomfort and they can be very painful.

To help relieve the pain and calm the inflammation you could use Ibuprofen, but to train the muscle to relax again you need direct pressure from massage to the area, you could do this at home by pushing and smoothing over the knot with your hands repeatedly over a few days. if you have numerous knots and areas of tension the best thing for you is to book in with a trained professional for a massage.

Unfortunately there is not much we can do to prevent them other than look after our bodies and have regular massages. The best tip of all keep your body hydrated as this helps flush all the toxins from the muscles.

Massage also has many health benefits for the body.

  • It helps to calm the nervous system helping us to relax 
  • Reduces tension and anxiety
  • Improves the blood circulation delivering oxygen and nutrients to the area
  • It carries toxins to the lymphatic system which gets rid of the bodies waste products

Here a a couple of tips that go hand in hand with massage to help you relax and re-leave any tension

  • A hot bath 
  • The use of essential oils ( these can be used in massage by a trained aromatherapist )
  • A good sleep pattern
  • Avoid over use of toxins such as caffeine or alcohol
  • A good diet
  • Heat treatments such as wheat bags, hot water bottles or saunas
  • Correct warm up and cool down routine when exercising
  • Good posture

Massages are also good for our sense of well being!

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If you have any further questions on massage and its benefits please do ask x 

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    Alisha Marshall - May 14, 2013

    Swedish massage and all other types of massage really are helpful.. especially when you’re really tired and got aching muscles… you’ll definitely love a massage…


    • overlay5

      Kathryn - May 16, 2013

      They are indeed Alisha, I don’t think there is much out there that tops it ….. Total heaven !


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